Friday, February 12, 2010

Frances Slocum: Child of Two Americas Soundtrack

Frances Slocum: Child of Two Americas Soundtrack
Original and Native American Music to Lift Your Spirits! Written and Arranged by Jonathan Pineno

Translation of Drum Song Introduction: “Hello my relatives, we are the Miami People. We have always lived in the Miami Land, The drum is called the Twigh Twee. We would like to say thank you to all who have given to us, the old ones, the women and our children too. Listen! Sing!”


* 1 Drum Song, Flute Version: Miami Indian Song
* 2 Crane Song Fantasy in e: Tribute to the Miami Nation
* 3 Frances Slocum Opening Sequence: The Journey Begins
* 4 The Slocum Family: Transition to Abduction
* 5 Abduction of Frances Slocum: Beginning of a New Life
* 6 Crane Song Enhanced: Living with her new family
* 7 Mother Pleading with her sons: Promise to Find Frances
* 8 Tap A Lot Round: “I Love You” (Love of Land, People, Nation)
* 9 Tap A Lot Fantasy: Reflections on the Life of Frances Slocum
* 10 The Secret is Revealed: Conversation with Ewing
* 11 Organ Piece: Rev. Bowman discovers Frances
* 12 Crane Song Fantasy in g: Tribute to the Miami Nation
* 13 Tap A Lot Enhanced: Family Meets in Peru, Indiana
* 14 Crane Song Fantasy in d: Tribute to the Miami Nation


* Native American Flutes - Jonathan Pineno
* Piano/Organ -Catherine Chayko
* Trumpet - Eric Sandstrom

* On Site Recording: Hank Guzewicz, St. Columba Catholic Church
* Studio Recording/Mix Down: Jim Rising, Huntsville Sound (570)-674-4012
* Finale Assistant: Greg Riley
* Cover photos: Jonathan Pineno
* Narrated by: Deborah Dunleavy

Special Thanks to:

Bill Bachman & Florence Howanitz - CoProducers, Francis & Mariam Pineno for their financial assistance, The Miami Nation of Indians of Indiana, John Dunnagan, Allan Dunnagan, Erin Dunnagan Oliver, for their advice, guidance, allowing the use of songs by the Twigh Twee singers, and the experience of playing the “family drum”, Cathy Chayko for her musical gifts and sensitivities, Evy’s encouragement, Tom Stewart of Stellar Flutes for selecting my flutes, and the “great spirits” and God for the creative inspiration to write, record, and arrange the music for the Frances Slocum Project. For additional information about The Frances Slocum Project, links, and behind the scenes photos go to or call 877-208-9458

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